I designed this board in response to the following treatment written by the pitch's creative director, Jamie Hubbard.

"We’ll generate a list of the 5 most important rules that cover the spectrum from sage screen writing advice, to the recipe for box office gold. Then we’ll build them, out of shiny porcelain, with gold foil and inlaid detail, we’ll craft a set of rules that were destined to be placed on a pedestal and worshipped. Then we’ll BREAK THEM. Literally, we’ll film them being crushed, shattered, blown up, all in super slow motion, all in the name of breaking the shackles that limited our creativity and shining a light on the times we are in now. Our execution won’t stop here, shots of floating debris will serve as backplates for festival info, and come back together to build the new rules. From the ashes of yesterdays rules, we’ll build a new set of rules.
Break them, shatter them, destroy them."